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CrawlyCrab™ - Tummy Time & Motor Skills Development

CrawlyCrab™ - Tummy Time & Motor Skills Development

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The perfect toy to bring fun and adventure to your baby’s life!

What Makes The Crawly Crab So Special?

 CrawlyCrab™ makes Tummy Time a dream & encourages your child to craw!

 CrawlyCrab™ has a built in sensor designed to run away and keeps your little one always on the chase!

 CrawlyCrab™ improves motor skills and hand-eye coordination!

 CrawlyCrab™ is 100% Safe and Non Toxic!

 CrawlyCrab™ will keep your little one entertained for hours!

 CrawlyCrab™ plays cheerful music and its eyes project sparkling lights to engage your child!

 CrawlyCrab™ is perfect for any floor surface!

 CrawlyCrab™ is USB rechargeable (included) and has a 12h battery life!

Encourages Tummy Time & Crawling!

 CrawlyCrab™ is not only the ideal tummy time aid, but it also helps your child crawl! This toy will not only be a lot of fun, but it will also help them improve their motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

To use CrawlyCrab™, follow the instructions below:

1. Place the toy on a flat surface and create a boundary around it using pillows or other soft objects.

2. Once boxed in, turn on the colourful lights and fun music to capture your baby's attention.

3. Encourage crawling and walking by placing the toy just out of reach, boosting their confidence and skills.

4. Bond with your baby over playtime and enjoy every moment together with KidsAdventure CrawlyCrab

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