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Speak & Learn - Educational Device + 112 Flashcards

Speak & Learn - Educational Device + 112 Flashcards

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Did You Know That 90% Of The Human Brain Develops By Age 3?

Your child won't miss even 1% of that by using this device to play. Your little one's new neural pathways are making school and education a piece of cake for them.

Do You Want To Help Your Child Learn?

Our entertaining and dynamic Speak & Learn Toy improves speech development and strengthens language abilities by creating connections between words, objects, sounds, and colors.

Your child's cognitive ability, speech, hearing, and speaking are improved with just a few hours of play per week.

What Makes It So Special?

 - Develops fine motor skills, improves memory and strenghtens brainpower

- 112 Double Sided Cards to choose from two words on each card

- Each card includes the terms that top British authorities believe are most crucial for children's vocabulary development.

- Combines Fun & Learning

- Improves colour recognition, attention span and self-discipline

- Reduces screen-time


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