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KidsAdventure™ Push & Pull Toy

KidsAdventure™ Push & Pull Toy

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Do you realize the value of sensory play for the growth of your child?

This helps your baby develop their sense of touch as well as their vision and hearing, among other things. Since a newborn's senses are still underdeveloped at birth, it's important to provide your infant toys and other items that will pique their interest.

How can your child become more focused?

Your child gives it everything they have when they press a button, pull a string that creates a sound, or chew on the silicone surface. Their attention span increases as they have more alternatives, which forces them to focus more intently on completing them.

Your child may be worried or agitated due to teething!

There isn't much you can do when you watch your youngster struggling with their new teeth poking through. They'll always gnaw on things, for one thing. This toy is composed of silicone, which is safe, long-lasting, and will help your child feel better if they bite it.

Skills Developed Through the Push&Pull Toy:

- Improves fine motor skills, increases focus, and benefits brain development

- Reduces children's stress, anxiety, pain, and restlessness

- Keeps your kid active and occupied for extended periods of time

- Increases curiosity and increases focus and attention span

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